Cast of Characters

With the exception of the Main Characters, characters are listed by their courtesy name and organized by sect first, and within the sect, by their family name.  When possible, given names are included after the courtesy name. Characters are given in Traditional Chinese.

Main Characters

Lian Zhidiao (莲致雕): Given name Chanjian (婵箭). The main character. Birthday—September 30. Spiritual weapon—Lightning Needle (閃針).

Yue Fengjian (岳丰坚): Given name Hanqi (悍启). The protagonist of the harem novel Supreme Warlord of the Beast World. He is the eldest son of the head family of Yue, one of its most powerful cultivators, and heir to the sect’s legacy. Birthday—August 1. Spiritual weapon—Wallbreaker (壁破).

Hu Baitian (冱白天) Given name Nianzu (念祖). A Quanlu Yuan magician who specializes in healing. Seems to have some kind of grudge against Lian Zhidiao. Birthday—January 6.

Liao Kuaiyu (燎快羽): Given name Zhaoyou (昭優). A talented magician who has achieved the highest skill with fire. He follows Yue Fengjian unquestioningly. Birthday—December 1. Spiritual weapon—Pig-killing knife (杀猪刀).

Yue Shipei (岳实沛): Given name Zhezhong (哲忠). A cultivator and Yue Fengjian’s younger cousin, who is devoted to his success. Birthday—July 12. Spiritual weapon—Peach (Blossom) Storm (桃風暴).

Yue Yaosa (岳耀飒): Given name Zhenzhen (珍珍). The Beauty of the Yue sect, a cultivator, and Yue Shipei’s younger sister. Nearly as strong as Yue Fengjian, outshining her older brother. Birthday—December 4. Spiritual weapon—Blade of the Wild Wind (狂風刃).

Xinxue Yue

Gao Guilai (高姽淶): Yue Fengjian’s mother, Lady Gao. A weak-to-moderate cultivator, she is a quiet and graceful woman whose soft-spoken words steer those around her in the direction she chooses.

Song Xuebai (松雪白): The head-of-household/majordomo for main branch of the Yue family.

Yue Danquan (岳澹泉): Yue Shipei’s father, and the elder brother of Yue Kuangxiang. He is a ‘learned master’ living in exile who assists Yue cultivators in recovering from the corrupting influence of deviate qi.

Yue Kuangxiang (岳狂想): The leader of the Xinxue Yue sect. A strong cultivator with an uncompromising style of leadership, he seized leadership from his elder brother, Yue Danquan. He has high personal standards and expects greatness from his son, Yue Fengjian.

Zhengfu (正辅): Yue Kuangxiang and Yue Fengjian’s Master. An extremely strong cultivator with one foot in seclusion and one foot in the everyday world.

Youlu Lin

Hui Songbai (灰松柏): A Lin senior cultivator with a strong following in the Lin sect. She eschewed bonds of marriage to instruct disciples in an intense, percussive fighting style, which resulted in her being referred to as the Blood-lacquered Pine (滿血沾松).

Lin Buhuan (林捕歡): The leader of the Youlu Lin sect. One of the strongest human cultivators. He prefers fighting and roving to the everyday bureaucracy of running a sect. He lives out in the wilderness with his students most of the time.

Lin Piaozhu (林飘麈): Lin Buhuan’s younger brother. A weak cultivator, he is content to manage the sect and the Lin household while his elder brother takes on more dangerous tasks.

Lin Xianglan (林香兰): Lin Buhuan’s niece, and the Beauty of Youlu Lin sect. A sweet, pure-hearted girl who was the fan favorite among Supreme Warlord of the Beast World readers.

Lin Jingjing (林靖靖): A Lin magician. She lives in Shuangwan Village with her wife, Yang Meihua.

Lin Zhengchun (林正椿): An older man from the Lin sect, he works closely with Quanlu Yuan sect members to investigate and rectify violations of the law.

Yang Meihua (杨梅花): A young woman from a Lin sect vassal family. She is not a cultivator. Married to Lin Jingjing.

Tuhuan Zhou

Zhou Xianzhi (洲仙智): Given name Yinshe (銀蛇). The shorter one of a pair of twins. A silver-tongued magician first encountered in Sancha Town. He seems to know much more about Lian Zhidiao than he lets on. Birthday—October 23.

Zhou Xiangu (洲先嘏): Given name Jinshi (金狮).  The taller one of a pair of twins. A hot-headed cultivator, he doesn’t need a reason to fight anyone. The only one who can keep him under control is his brother. Birthday—October 23.

Quanlu Yuan

Yuan Zhuyan (原柱岩): The sect leader of the Quanlu Yuan sect. Mysteriously, his eldest son responded to letters for him.

Yuan Shijun (原石駿): The eldest son of Yuan Zhuyan, he will see to his younger sister Yuan Shi’an’s marriage arrangements in his father’s stead.

Yuan Shi’an (原石鹌): The Beauty of the Yuan sect. She has a reputation for being extremely disciplined and well-read. She has such a sterling reputation that even her elder brother, a Judge, asks her opinion on ruling on the laws of the cultivation world.

Yuan Suwei (原素衛): A Judge at the Sacred Gate, he has ultimate authority over anything that happens which the Laws of the Hidden Realm do not address. His cool, distant manner is perfectly suited to a man who seems to live his entire life in the spirit of the law.

Xideng Wa

Guizai (鬼崽): His given name is unknown. The original Lian Zhidiao’s mysterious master. Even people outside the Wa sect seem to have heard of him.

Lian Angua (莲暗鴰): Lian Zhidiao’s father. Always working to escape his older brother’s shadow, he secured a marriage for his son that would vault his branch of the vassal family into the upper echelons of Wa society.

Lian Chanrong (莲婵蓉): Lian Zhidiao’s second older sister. Newly married, she still worries over her little brother, and hopes for divisions in the family to be healed.

Lian Zhidiao (莲致雕): Given name Chanjian (婵箭). Deceased. A magician of the Wa sect who took his own life and left his body conveniently available. He seems to have had a past with Zhou Xianzhi and Zhou Xiangu.

Sui Zhong (眭忠): Lian Zhidiao’s personal manservant.

Other Characters

Chen Jiajian (陈家健): Youngest child and family disappointment, he threw his life away to protect a scared kitten in the road. Instead of dying, he woke up in a world that seems familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

Qianjiao (潛狡): A demon who abducted Lian Zhidiao for nefarious purposes.

The White Emperor, Shanyin (善引), Favored of Heaven: Originally from the Quanlu Yuan sect, he is the Emperor who created Jade Beasts hundreds of years ago.

Jiang Huolu (江活缕): Originally from the Xideng Wa sect, the ‘butterfly in jet’ was a close friend of the White Emperor, and is the previous wielder of Lightning Needle.

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